The Holiday Movie Workout Game!

holiday movie workout

I am out of town until Christmas, so I’m going to throw a Fit Tip Tuesday into today’s post, and see you all in a couple days!

Here is my ultimate holiday movie workout! Sure, holiday movie drinking games are fun, but this list will get your heart rate up if you missed your workout while holiday traveling.

Holiday Movie workout list

If your favorite Christmas movie isn’t on this list, here are the rules: Do 10 squats every time someone says “Christmas” or wears a santa hat.

Fit Tip Tuesday: Have an active holiday! Find simple, easy ways (like a holiday movie workout!) to stay active and moving during your Christmas break. It is so easy to totally throw your workout out the window, but it is so important to resist that, especially when eating a zillion holiday cookies and watching movies all day! Find what works for you to keep your heart rate up when you can’t make it to the gym. Maybe it’s this movie game, maybe it’s taking your little cousins to the park, walking the dogs, cleaning and rigorously cooking and running around the kitchen, or whatever suits you. No matter the activity, do something every day!

What’s your favorite holiday movie? How are you staying active this Christmas?

Happy Holidays!

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