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3 Step Rec: Healthy BBQ Sauce

So I sort of low key love BBQ sauce. I didn’t really know I did until I was on a roadtrip last year and stopped at a rib joint with Alex and realized that I have a serious love for … Continue reading

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How many calories should you be eating?

Your daily caloric intake should equal your BMR. Sooo….wtf is a BMR? BMR is your basal metabolic rate. Your basal what a who now rate? Your basal metabolic rate refers to the number of calories your body burns just by … Continue reading

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Love an RD today

So, becoming a Registered Dietitian is a lot of work. A. Lot. Of. Work. I am only halfway there and let me tell you, it is no joke. RDs are highly trained in not only complex advanced biochemistry (and allll … Continue reading

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Prevention & How to get Everyone in on it

If you’re reading a health blog, you totally get it. You already know that prevention is key and that good nutrition and fitness are essential to a long and healthy life. But, I’m sure you’re getting realllllly frustrated trying to … Continue reading

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