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Kitchen Hack: Separating Egg Yolks

I mean, while we’re on the topic of making brunch… Ever made egg whites for a ton of people? It isn’t pretty. Maybe make a big batch homemade sauce using egg yolks? Yea, not my jam. Well, you can easily … Continue reading

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3 Step Rec: Macadamia Nut Almond Milk

3 steps. 4 ingredients. Homemade vegan dairy-free milk. This milk is super creamy with loads of healthy fats from nuts. I love regular milk as well, but definitely prefer this milk for things like lattes and baking. Why not just … Continue reading

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And the winner is….

Congratulations to Jennifer Whitrock for winning the health & fitness goodie box! I’m excited for some posts coming up this week for you guys, including a special dairy-free nut milk for those of you who don’t eat dairy but don’t … Continue reading

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How to Settle a Sweet Tooth

We all get a sweet tooth now and then. Whether it’s in the morning, in an afternoon slump, or after dinner, it hits us at one point or another. We don’t need a lot, just a few M&Ms or a … Continue reading

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