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Friends don’t let friends sweat and Snapchat

Firstly, I’d like to apologize to my good friend Klarisse, as well as anyone else who does not have an iPhone or other smart phone with apps. This post is really just going to be a bore for you. I’m … Continue reading

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Ho Ho Holy Homemade Apple Pie Batman!

How do you avoid that extra holiday weight before the holidays? Eat. Now. The holidays are a wonderful time of family, love, and festivities. The true gift is what comes just directly after, the 5+ pounds of cookies, cakes, and … Continue reading

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Deep Fried Turkey Day

I don’t know about you, but every time I’m at Disneyland and see a stranger scarfing down one of those giant turkey legs, it is like a train wreck. I just cannot pull my horrified eyes off them. However, tomorrow, … Continue reading

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“I have so much time to do Yoga every day!” - said no one.  Work. School. Family. Friends. Kids. Errands. Cleaning. Who has time to work out? Who even has time to RELAX for a second?! Everyone.  You’re about to … Continue reading

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