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Meet fitness icon, Amanda Russell!

Hey Amanda! How are you? Hey! I’m good, actually in Los Angeles, going to your Equinox so if your parents see me tell them to say hi! Congratulations on your new website, it looks awesome. Thank you! So let’s get … Continue reading

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Long Hair Don’t Care

Biotin: The miracle vitamin to make your hair, skin, and nails perfect….plus a little something extra. Vitamins are a tricky business. Do you take a multi? Do you do a bunch of supplements? Gummies (that taste like friggin’ candy)? Do … Continue reading

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Finding your SOUL.

Helloooo SoulCycle… If you live in New York or LA, you’ve probably at least heard of SoulCycle – the new workout rage. It makes even the most intense spin class look weak and is trendier than designer nails. If you’ve … Continue reading

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Mythbusting Fad Diets

I bet you think that the best way to lose weight is one of those fad diets out there. You know, the cabbage soup diet, the juice diet*, the grapefruit diet, Paleo, Atkins, even the cookie diet (yep, that’s a … Continue reading

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