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Happy Birthday TSOH!

WOOOO!!! It is The Skinny’s 1st birthday today! It is actually also my gorgeous niece’s 1st birthday today. I never realized that I started this blog the day she was born, which I suppose is pretty special. Today especially I … Continue reading

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Healthy Halloween Treat Recipes!!!

Halloween is one of my FAVORITE times of the year! Helloooo pumpkins, DIY décor, clever costumes, and candy! I’m seriously so excited. So, naturally, I’m throwing a Halloween potluck this weekend ahh tomorrow! (despite all my midterms next week…whoops). How … Continue reading

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The Quickie Seattle Salmon

First off, I’m SO sorry for being totally MIA this week! Graduate school studying is no joke, and I took the weekend off to go to a beautiful wedding in Half Moon Bay (my new favorite beach spot)! This week … Continue reading

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Three Step Rec: Perfect Asparagus

I have been on a major asparagus kick recently! I’ve had it almost every day for a week now and still craving it! There are tons of ways to cook asparagus, but if you’re always on the go like me, … Continue reading

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