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3 Step Rec: Apple Pie Bites

These are PERFECT for Thanksgiving!! I’m currently obsessed with these little guys. I made them last week for a potluck event for a bunch of dietitians and they were a huge hit. So, naturally, I’m sharing them with all of … Continue reading

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Mythbusting: Holiday Health Tips

It’s around this time of year that everyone is concerned with beating that holiday weight and doing everything they can to avoid gaining weight while still eating any pies they can get their hands on. This means that it’s also … Continue reading

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Spinach and Turkey Bacon Frittata

I’m alllllll about brunch. Seriously, who doesn’t love a good (boozy) brunch? Now that it’s fall in Seattle, brunches are moving from rooftops and patios to cozy apartments with fireplaces, cocoa, and hot toddies. This recipe is perfect for a … Continue reading

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30 Things Every Woman Needs to do Before 30

So I’m 23. I did college, I did grad school, I started a blog, I work SO much — too much even. I have always pushed myself to be the best at everything I do, no matter how much work it … Continue reading

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