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10 [not-so-healthy] “Health” Foods

So we are surrounded by ‘health’ food every day. “Low-fat” this, “organic” that, it’s really overwhelming. The trouble is, most people are easily fooled by the labels on their food. Not you guys. Here are a list of my most … Continue reading

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5 Reasons to Exercise OTHER than a Bikini

So summer is (unfortunately) winding down…. This sadly means that a lot of people are losing the ‘bikini body’ motivation to get exercising, while at the same time, the weather is about to make being outdoors and active more and … Continue reading

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Mythbusting: Whole Milk & Weight Loss

My boyfriend and I have been drinking a lot of whole milk recently. Seriously. A lot. I’m pretty much racking up a glass jug deposit in the double digits over here. But, how much is too much? So as far … Continue reading

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‘Why Juice?’ with Miss Nutritionista

Hey all! I’m turning over TSOH today to Miss Nutritionista, Mariam! She is a certified health coach and self-proclaimed foodie with a fantastic blog. If you follow me on Instagram you will have noticed that I am a major fan … Continue reading

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