Itty Bitty Resolutions

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Last year I had a few resolutions posts and posts about how to lose weight in the new year. Those posts are some of my absolute favorites (and some of the most popular posts on TSOH!), and if you are trying to lose weight I highly recommend them!! This year, I’m going to make some recommendations for you all about potential resolutions.

What’s the biggest problem with new years resolutions? We NEVER keep them! My resolutions last year included wearing more bright colors, forgiving and forgetting, and being more patient. Writing them out for you guys made me a little bit more dependable, but I certainly didn’t completely keep those. For instance, I’m wearing dark jeans and a black shirt….with a pink scarf? I forgave that person from 5 years ago….but am swearing to never forgive someone new? I am very patient with my clients…but you should see my trying to put up with my family in an international airport?

This year, I think we should all make smaller resolutions. Itty, bitty resolutions. Tiny little changes to our habits that will have big impacts on our health. It’s the small changes that make the biggest differences. If I see two clients, and one says “I’m going to eat 1,000 calories per day and workout 7 times per week!” and one that says “I’m going to drink more water and chose healthier snacks!” Which will lose more weight in the end? Ding ding ding – patient #2. Small changes are manageable, big changes are setting yourself up for failure.

So, here’s my list of the best small changes you can make to impact your health this year! Which ones do you want to try out??

1. Carry a water bottle around with you to drink more throughout the day.
2. Take a multivitamin in the morning.
3. Eat vegetables with one meal every day.
4. Drink a full glass of water before dinner each night.
5. Try a new type of workout every month.
6. Start monitoring your sleep.
7. Keep a “food notes” note in your iPhone’s Notes app.
8. Get a workout buddy.
9. Taste a new food every month.
10. Try cooking a new recipe once a week.
11. Sleep a full 9 hours once per week.
12. Read one book for pleasure every month.
13. Read an interesting health article once a day.
14. Start taking a probiotic.
15. Join a gym (or get a ClassPass or FitMob membership!).
16. Try a new workout (I recommend Orange Theory for something fresh and new!)
17. Buy smaller plates to eat on (to control portions).
18. Use a step counter to hit 10,000 steps a day.
19. Start flossing.
20. Wear sunscreen daily or start moisturizing daily.

Do you guys have any ideas for small resolutions to improve your health?? Spill!


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  • Jen Rawson @ Pretty Little Gru

    Great ideas on this list. Last year I made sure to make my resolutions smaller and specific. I was able to accomplish all of them. I think that’s definitely the key.