How to Settle a Sweet Tooth

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We all get a sweet tooth now and then. Whether it’s in the morning, in an afternoon slump, or after dinner, it hits us at one point or another. We don’t need a lot, just a few M&Ms or a scoop of ice cream, right?

I usually crave something sweet after lunch or dinner. Since I’m a big proponent of following your cravings and definitely not limiting yourself to the point of unhappiness, I satisfy it — with frozen grapes.

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Frozen grapes are my favoriteeee sweet treat, especially in the summertime. They’re typically recommended by dietitians for children to replace candy, but I recommend them for anyone. (Because who doesn’t like candy?) They’re easy to just pop in your mouth, which makes them perfect for a movie night or hot afternoon in the park. They’re also super easy to make (Step 1: freeze grapes.), so you don’t have to worry about prep or clean up.


Wash grapes, freeze overnight, enjoy.

They taste like candy, but sans junk.

frozen grapes wine.jpg

Pro tip: Frozen green grapes are perfect to drop in a glass of white wine or sangria to keep it cool without watering it down!

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  • Nicole Renee

    ooo frozen grapes in a wine glass - great idea!

  • Linda @ Fit Fed and Happy | th

    Frozen grapes are a classic snack! Forces you to eat slow :)

  • Tina Muir

    Agh I wish these worked for me! I have tried them before, but somehow my sweet tooth knows I am trying to trick it! I have found for me, I just have to limit it to one sweet thing per day, and that way I can get by. Great idea to share though Lisa :)

  • Felecia Efriann

    Growing up my mom would make frozen grapes during the summer. It was some me and my siblings enjoyed and looked forward to. :)

  • Amy @ The Little Honey Bee

    Yes! I have not found any organic grapes as of late but I cannot wait to freeze them when I do!