Let’s Talk Coconut Oil

coconut oil

Thanks everyone for linking up yesterday! I’m excited to see Fit Tip Tuesday grow and learn from all you awesome bloggers! Same thing next week, so start thinking about your fit tips to join in next Tuesday! And if you missed out on joining in, don’t sweat it, we’ll see you next week!

So last week we got into coconut oil a bit. You guys had some seriously great questions about coconut oil vs other oils (especially olive oil). Coconut oil is a big diet fad right now, and people are replacing the previous fad, olive oil, with it in their cooking. Which is actually better for you? Why is coconut oil solid at room temp? Aren’t solid fats worse for you than liquid fats (olive oil)? Here’s a quick cap of the science behind coconut oil versus olive oil, and which oil is better for which circumstance.

Fats come in all shapes and sizes. Saturated means there are no double bonds in the chemical structure, unsaturated means double bonds (polyunsaturated = many double bonds, monounsat = one double bond), trans fats means that there are hydrogens attached in a trans configuration on a double bond (you definitely don’t want that). Long-chain fatty acids are longer, short-chains are shorter (duh!).

Very simply, unsaturated fats, which are liquid at room temperature, are considered healthier fats than saturated, especially monounsaturated fatty acids. They have a protective effect on cholesterol. Additionally, short- and medium-chain fatty acids are considered “healthier” fats than long-chain. Above all else, I would say that omega-3 fatty acids (aka w3 linoleic acid) are the most protective for your health.

Coconut oil is mostly a mixture of short- and medium-chained saturated fatty acids.

Olive oil contains mostly long-chain monounsaturated unsaturated fatty acids.

Wait — so they each have a good part and a bad part?!

You want a balance of fatty acids, primarily monounsaturated fats, w3 and w6 linoleic acids (omega-3s and 6s), and short- and medium-chains. Olive oil has more omega-3 and 6 fatty acids and more monounsaturated fatty acids, but recent research has shown abnormal protective effects in coconut oils.

Fatty Acids

I read up on this research and some lectures on lipids to make sure I’m giving you the best advice for which oil to use. I was still pretty stumped. There is research for both sides, both fats have positive and negative effects, there isn’t a clear winner. So, I decided to consult with some other dietetics masters students at a pizza making party. [Side note: dietetics students pizza making → amazing gluten-free crust with duck sausage, homemade walnut pesto (holy moly Vitamixes are amazing), bell peppers, mushrooms, onions, and soooo much more...read: It was DELICIOUS.] Anywho, they had the perfect solution. (Thanks Isaac, Liz, Jenna, and Nora!)

Unsaturated fats become less oxidized under heat than saturated fats do. Oxidization is bad. Oxygen is pretty much rust for your body…”rust that takes about 80 years to kill you” as my old research mentor used to say. When you cook foods in oil or butter, you’re oxidizing that fat. Oxidizing foods you eat adds “rust” to your body, shortening your healthy lifespan and increasing your risk of cancer and disease, including weight gain.

[You're a nerd, Lisa, that sciencey stuff was TL,DR.]→

Since olive oil is mostly unsaturated, it is better for cooking with under medium heat. This includes baking and cooking on a stove top. However, if you’re searing, or cooking under the highest heat, coconut oil may be better.

For using coconut oil for purposes other than eating, like body butters and hair treatments, go for it!! Coconut oil is a great option as a natural beauty remedy, I highly recommend it.

So what kind of coconut oil do you get?

Coconut oil should be in the unrefined or extra virgin form. It is even more beneficial to choose an organic and raw variety. Refined coconut oils can be treated with lots of chemicals and processed with really high heat, which changes the conformation (the shape), compromising the health benefits of the oil. Be sure to also look at the label of your coconut oil. Some coconut oils will try to sound great on the front, but hide a list of contaminated ingreds that the oil could have come into contact with on the back. The color of the coconut oil should be pretty much white, and should smell sweet, like fresh coconuts.

Personally, my favorite brand is Maison Orphee!

Do you guys have any more “fatty” questions? (Please still love me after that bad joke) What do you use coconut oil for other than cooking with?

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Fit Tip Tuesday Link Up #1!

Let’s do this! I cannot wait to read all your fit tips! Don’t forget to grab the button below and join in, the link up is open all day! :) For more info, click here! Oh, and don’t forget about my GIVEAWAY to win a 3-day cleanse!!!

Fit Tip Tuesday Button

Let’s start with my fit tip for the day: fight back happy hour calories!

FTT Cocktail Hour

Trying to cut back on calories can really interfere with a social life. How do you get the best of both worlds? You could do the good old trick of ordering a water in between cocktails to cut calories in half and keep you from drinking too much (read: later eating too much). But that’s so boooring and you have to explain to everyone why you’re ordering water, and I don’t know about you, but I always feel a little left out with a big water glass instead of a fruity cocktail.

The solution? Ask the bartender to serve you sparkling water instead of flat. Bonus? Get it in a cute glass with some fruit in it! The fruit will add some flavor, and you get to feel more relaxed about watching your calories. The bartender probably sees hoards of too-drunk girls all the time, and will definitely respect you for asking, so it’s not embarrassing at all.

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3 Step Rec: The Alex Smoothie


In honor of my cleanse giveaway, I’m going to share my newest smoothie recipe! I just developed it this week & it’s not in the cleanse, but it is delicious and will be added to the 2-week Skinny Package ASAP. ;)

smoothie granola

Why is it called “The Alex”? Well, my boyfriend (Alex) is in love with these Acai smoothies from a little place in Venice Beach. He gets them with granola on top. I ordered mine without granola, biggest mistake. I just ended up trying to eat his instead! These smoothies were amazing, but not exactly the most nutrient dense. Alex isn’t really the green juice type, so I found a great solution to save money and add nutrients without noticing. (Sorry Alex, I’ll work on the name.)

smoothie and tea 2

Looks pink/purple, tastes sweet and fruity, but much more filling and nutrient dense (read: veggies secretly hidden inside!) than a fruit smoothie. It is also packed with protein, the it gives you lasting energy and will keep your stomach from growling before lunch.

The Alex Smoothie

Prep time: <10 minutes
Calories: really depends on the size. As you’ll see, I’m not very exact on smoothie measurements. It is a meal substitute smoothie, and the more Chia seeds you add, the more filling it will be (and the more calories).
Servings: 1-2 (I usually save half in the freezer for the next morning) 

1 Chobani Simply 100 Pack (100 calories, 12 g protein!)
If you have Acai, use it! I didn’t have any, so mine doesn’t have it
Frozen mixed berries (around a handful)
frozen peaches (around 3 slices)
Fresh spinach (a heaping handful)
Romaine lettuce (a handful)
Cucumber (a small handful)
Chia seeds (around 1 tablespoon, I use Health Warrior)
A couple ice cubes
A small handful of fresh berries
A tablespoon of granola (make sure to get the right kind, not a sugar-packed processed granola, but a healthier option. I use Bob’s Red Mill Honey Almond granola, which isn’t the most nutritious, but it’s a good balance between delicious and nutritious.)


1. In a blender or magic bullet, add all ingredients except for the ice, fresh berries, and granola. I have a Magic Bullet, so I always add the berries and fruit in first, then greek yogurt and Chia seeds, then greens. When you’re making a smoothie, always add the greens so that they will be blended first (closest to the spinner thingy). Blend.
2. Add the fresh berries and ice. Blend again until smooth.
3. Add the granola on top!

I know the measurements aren’t exact at all, but we all have different sized blenders and bullets, so I don’t want to tie you down. It’s about the taste. I like to use visual cues. I fill it between 1/4 and 1/3 full with berries, then the greek yogurt and seeds, and 1/2 full with greens. If you want more berry taste, add more berries, and vice versa. I’m not the boss of ya!

Enjoy your delicious smoothies! Maybe have one while you’re writing your Fit Tip Tuesday for my brand new link up TOMORROW, you can find all the info you need and grab a button here!

What are your favorite ingredients to add to a smoothie?

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Fit Tip Tuesday What to Write

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  • A healthy living tip
  • A life hack to make life more healthy
  • A new food to try out
  • Exercises for a body part
  • A list for diet
  • A list for working out
  • A list for healthy living
  • Literally ANYTHING that will help your readers and other bloggers learn something new about diet, fitness, and healthy living!!

Some previous Tit Tip Tuesdays…

FTT Rules

Here’s how it’ll work:

1. At 10:00 PST (1:00am EST) pm Monday night, my Fit Tip Tuesday will be posted. You can grab the button there or below or over here.

2. Once you’ve written and posted yours (with the button), you can link up by clicking the link in my post. Fill in your name, picture, and URL to your Fit Tip Tuesday.

3. Check out other bloggers fit tips and share yours!

I could not be more excited about this Tuesday. TSOH’s first ever LINK UP PARTY. Let’s GOOO!

Fit Tip Tuesday Button

Can’t wait to read and share all your fit tips this Tuesday!!!

Do you guys have any questions? Who’s excited to join in on the party?!

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I'd like to say that this is a photo I found by googling "funny stupid Snapchats." But no, this is me.

(shoutout to anyone that’s been following TSOH long enough to remember this picture)

PPS - Update on my previous post: apparently my mom’s trainer made up the name “Frankensteins” for that thigh workout! Sorry Michael at Equinox, totally snagged that from ya!

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