3 Step Rec: The Alex Smoothie


In honor of my cleanse giveaway, I’m going to share my newest smoothie recipe! I just developed it this week & it’s not in the cleanse, but it is delicious and will be added to the 2-week Skinny Package ASAP. ;)

smoothie granola

Why is it called “The Alex”? Well, my boyfriend (Alex) is in love with these Acai smoothies from a little place in Venice Beach. He gets them with granola on top. I ordered mine without granola, biggest mistake. I just ended up trying to eat his instead! These smoothies were amazing, but not exactly the most nutrient dense. Alex isn’t really the green juice type, so I found a great solution to save money and add nutrients without noticing. (Sorry Alex, I’ll work on the name.)

smoothie and tea 2

Looks pink/purple, tastes sweet and fruity, but much more filling and nutrient dense (read: veggies secretly hidden inside!) than a fruit smoothie. It is also packed with protein, the it gives you lasting energy and will keep your stomach from growling before lunch.

The Alex Smoothie

Prep time: <10 minutes
Calories: really depends on the size. As you’ll see, I’m not very exact on smoothie measurements. It is a meal substitute smoothie, and the more Chia seeds you add, the more filling it will be (and the more calories).
Servings: 1-2 (I usually save half in the freezer for the next morning) 

1 Chobani Simply 100 Pack (100 calories, 12 g protein!)
If you have Acai, use it! I didn’t have any, so mine doesn’t have it
Frozen mixed berries (around a handful)
frozen peaches (around 3 slices)
Fresh spinach (a heaping handful)
Romaine lettuce (a handful)
Cucumber (a small handful)
Chia seeds (around 1 tablespoon, I use Health Warrior)
A couple ice cubes
A small handful of fresh berries
A tablespoon of granola (make sure to get the right kind, not a sugar-packed processed granola, but a healthier option. I use Bob’s Red Mill Honey Almond granola, which isn’t the most nutritious, but it’s a good balance between delicious and nutritious.)


1. In a blender or magic bullet, add all ingredients except for the ice, fresh berries, and granola. I have a Magic Bullet, so I always add the berries and fruit in first, then greek yogurt and Chia seeds, then greens. When you’re making a smoothie, always add the greens so that they will be blended first (closest to the spinner thingy). Blend.
2. Add the fresh berries and ice. Blend again until smooth.
3. Add the granola on top!

I know the measurements aren’t exact at all, but we all have different sized blenders and bullets, so I don’t want to tie you down. It’s about the taste. I like to use visual cues. I fill it between 1/4 and 1/3 full with berries, then the greek yogurt and seeds, and 1/2 full with greens. If you want more berry taste, add more berries, and vice versa. I’m not the boss of ya!

Enjoy your delicious smoothies! Maybe have one while you’re writing your Fit Tip Tuesday for my brand new link up TOMORROW, you can find all the info you need and grab a button here!

What are your favorite ingredients to add to a smoothie?

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  • http://www.consciouskitchenblog.com/ Dana @ Conscious Kitchen Blog

    Sounds delicious! I love sneaking more veggies into my husband’s meals - he usually likes the way they taste, so it’s a win-win!

    • http://www.theskinnyonhealth.com/ Lisa @ The Skinny on Health

      hahaha! I know a lot of people that are so sneaky about getting veggies into their husbands/boyfriend’s meals. It’s so hilarious! It always makes me think about sneaking veggies into kid’s meals or medication into dog treats, so it’s like another example of how husbands are pretty much just big kids! (or dogs half the time!)


  • ricardo gonzalez

    I love the protein packed smoothies, especially when I’m running late and don’t have time for breakfast! This is my go to fav!
    10-12oz. Almond milk
    1 scoop of whey
    Handful of blue berries
    Handful frozen broccoli
    Spoonful of central market smooth peanut butter
    2 squares of 85% coca dark chocolate
    1/2 Cup oatmeal or granola
    A little local honey and almonds
    Handful of spinach
    And a little bcaas (powder form)

    It’s pretty thick, so you can add water or more almond or coconut milk for consistency.

    Ricky g

    • http://www.theskinnyonhealth.com/ Lisa @ The Skinny on Health

      Yum!! That sounds so delicious! That would make a great sweet tooth satisfier! :)


  • kim@hungryhealthygirl

    Sounds delish! I don’t think I’ve seen the Chobani 100 calorie packs. I’ll have to be on the lookout. I’m working on tomorrow’s post and the FTT button doesn’t seem to be working. When I copy and paste in the html, it’s not giving me an image. Any idea what could be wrong?

    • http://www.theskinnyonhealth.com/ Lisa @ The Skinny on Health

      Oh no! I’m not sure, I just tested it out and it worked for me. Maybe try this code:

      Be sure you’re pasting it into the html, not the text area of entry!

      Good luck, email me if you have any more problems!


  • Amy @ Long Drive Journey

    I love how much stuff you packed into this smoothie! I’ve been working on changing up my own smoothie recipes, so I have to give this one a try! There are no frozen peaches at my grocery store, so my smoothies have been missing out, so I might need to venture to TJ’s or WF’s to find some!

    • http://www.theskinnyonhealth.com/ Lisa @ The Skinny on Health

      Oh man! I loveee frozen peaches, I should send you some or something! You can always freeze fresh peaches, or use fresh peaches and add a little bit more ice, but that’s more expensive than frozen.


  • pbloverandrunner

    My favourite ingredients - certainly banana and nut oil. And, of course, spinach. I am not the big fan of spinach, but it perfectly works in smoothie and omelets (that is where you can’t find it! ) So if in smoothie there are vegetables/greens which are difficult for finding, it precisely will be pleasant to me!

    • http://www.theskinnyonhealth.com/ Lisa @ The Skinny on Health

      Exactly! Spinach is the perfect green to “hide” everywhere! I love to hide kale in eggs, cause it tastes so much better ocoked than raw (in my opinion).