Fit Tip Tuesday #8: Ditch the Fish Oil

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I know, I know, I’m the first health blogger to say no to fish oil supplements. Let me explain why!

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So omega-3 fatty acids are FANTASTIC for your health. Regular consumption helps prevent chronic diseases like cardiovascular disease, and limits systemic inflammation (which  contributes to weight problems). Omega-3s are mostly found in fish, which is why it’s so healthy to eat fish at least a few times per week (salmon sushi, get. at. me.). Hmm…I should write a post or two just about omega-3s…

A lot of people either don’t like fish or can’t eat fish that much. or, they think they’ll be extra extra healthy and take fish oil supplements with fish in their diet! Well, research (Association Between Omega-3 Fatty Acid Supplementation and Risk of Major Cardiovascular Disease Events: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis) has actually scientifically proven that supplementation with fish oil does NOT have the same effects as consuming omega-3s in your diet!!! They pretty much took a group of subjects and gave them fish oil supplements for an extended period of time and you know what happened? NOTHING. There was literally no difference between them and the subjects that didn’t take any supplements or eat fish. They had the same rate of chronic disease and weight issues. But, subjects that eat omega-3s in their diet (like through real fish), saw drastic differences in their rate of disease.

So, don’t waste your money on silly supplements you don’t need! Lose the capsule for a real filet.

What are your favorite ways to get omega-3s in your diet?

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The Skinny on ‘The Skinny Docs’

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The Skinny Docs is finally here! Best part: YOU ALL get a major sneak peek into the magic that is The Skinny Docs and a chance to subscribe totally FREE today!

Okay so here’s the deal:

What’s The Skinny Docs? So Nautropathic Doctor Goddess Michele Burklund (Healthy Fashionista) and I have created a program to lose 10 pounds in 10 weeks for FREE!

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How does it work? You subscribe totally for free. You get a weekly video from us and a weekly package of pdfs full of tips, recipes, workouts, templates for organization, and instructions. Each week has a new challenge and we show you how it’s going to work and what you’ll gain from it. We literally break everything down for you and explain everything for you.

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Why is TSD special? Well, it’s a total online community. You get to feed off the support of everyone else in the program and lose weight together! Everyone starts on April 1st, everyone is doing the same program at the same time. We’re a team. Also, Michele and I are there for you every step of the way and will answer emails from you guys at any time of day. Michele and I STUDY nutrition and medicine. We do not use fad diets, gimmicks, drugs, tricks, quick fixes, nada. We use real science and real medicine and nutrition to make a program that will give you lasting weight loss.

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Who is a good fit for TSD? TSD is meant for anyone wanting to lose “those last 10 pounds” before summer. You can do it if you just had a baby, if you are already on another weight loss program, if you have 100s of pounds to lose, or even if you’re just trying to tighten up before summer. No matter how much weight you want to lose or for what reason, The Skinny Docs works for you!

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What’s the catch? Since Michele and I are both just launching our careers, we are doing TSD completely for FREE. So, you literally have nothing to lose. There’s no catch. We have so much to gain learning from this experience with you guys that we are just excited for you all to join in and see great results! Also, you can stop at any time!

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This sounds way too awesome, where do I sign up?! RIGHT HERE!

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Are you guys so excited? Do you have any more questions about The Skinny Docs?!



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How I Detoxed from Coffee

coffee 2.jpg So during finals last December, I realized that I was up to 10 cups of coffee a day. TEN. I didn’t drink ten cups every day, but I definitely needed more than three to function like a human. That’s when I decided I needed a change. Coffee isn’t terrible for you in moderation, and the caffeine can be good to keep metabolism moving and weight controlled, but once you get past a cup or two a day, it can be detrimental to health.

Caffeine in the form of coffee, tea, or chocolate is not necessarily bad for you. But, as the father of pathology (Paracelsus) would say, “The right dose differentiates a poison and a remedy.” Too much of a good thing becomes a bad thing. Additionally, I hated the feeling of being ‘addicted to’ or ‘relying on’ something to keep me sane and functioning. It was a vice, and I wanted control over it. I also hated that I kept needing more and more to get the same effect. Like all drugs, caffeine creeps up. At first, a cup of coffee sends you through the roof and keeps you up at night. Before you know it, you’re downing a venti at 11 pm and passed out before midnight. Oh, and I prefer lattes, which have a ton of dairy and usually sugar. Drinking tea makes my morning caffeine almost no calories, rather than a couple hundred calories.

I didn’t want to detox from caffeine, but I wanted to first cut out coffee as my source and switch to exclusively tea. I also wanted to cut back to one cup of caffeinated tea a day (and always before 10 am), so that I would get that bouncing-off-the-walls effect from it every morning.

I waited until after finals and bit the bullet. Starting is the hardest part. Coffee is addictive, and going without it causes irritability, headaches, exhaustion, and other terrible feelings that you know can be fixed with a fresh cup of joe. You just have to power through and get through the first few days, the rest will fly by. Since December 12th, I have had only one small latte — and I didn’t even finish it. A few sips sent me through the roof with energy.

Here’s how I detoxed from coffee, and how you can too:

1. Pick your time. It’s important to pick the right time to detox from coffee. Don’t do it right before finals or a big project due. Don’t do it on a Monday when you know you need it. I chose my holiday break. Find a long weekend or a weekend where you know you don’t have a lot of responsibility.

2. Go cold turkey. You could phase out, but I just cut out all caffeine from the start. It speeds up the process. I would rather spend 3-4 days miserable than 10+ days semi-miserable.

3. It’s gonna suck at first. The first few days are the worst. I had headaches all day, was super cranky, impatient, and negative. Exercising a lot and staying hydrated really helps this. Being outside and doing fun things put me in a better mood. Don’t be afraid to take Aspirin, too! Just remember, it’ll be over so soon!

4. You start to feel better! After around 4 days (depending on how deep your love of coffee runs), your headache subsides and you are in a better mood. You’re still pretty tired, but that gets better and better every day.

5. Now, months later, I don’t even think about or want coffee. I’ve saved a TON of money on Starbucks and K-cups. I realized that I was spending around $100 on coffee a month — that’s NUTS. That’s a new pair of shoes.



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Beware of Nasty Oxidization of Healthy Fats


Quick nasty nutrition lesson today. So we like to save our food as long as we can, right? Right. Obviously.

Well, when it comes to fats (avocados, nuts, oils, even healthy fats!), do not keep them out or open for long!

Basically, fats oxidize when out too long. Whether it’s old oil that’s been sitting in your pantry for years, peanuts that have been in that jar for a few weeks, or even half an avocado you were saving from breakfast till dinner, throw. it. away. Oxidation is some serious biz, and is responsible for almost all chronic diseases (cancer, heart disease, etc etc etc).

Consuming oxidized fats introduces free radicals (reactive oxygen species) directly into your body. These things are killers! They build up to form tumors, and cause serious problems all over the body. I don’t want to dive too deep into the science of it, but free radicals are THE WORST THING EVER. The gist is: oxidized fat → depleted antioxidants, impaired glucose tolerance, alteration of thyroid hormone functions, increased lipid per oxidation, and the list goes on…

Fat that’s been oxidized is pretty much liquid free rads. Guhhhh-ross. You can oxidize fat by heating it too high, like smoking fish or frying foods (Yes! That’s partially why fried food is so awful!), but you can also oxidize fats by just letting them sit out too long. So, beware, even avoiding fried foods isn’t totally avoiding free radicals!

Side note: most of the time, fast food restaurants don’t change the oil they fry their food in. So, they’ll use the old oil to fry a new batch of fries. Once oil has already been used to fry stuff, it has created all those free radicals and has gone totally rancid! They literally fry their food in oil that already has free radicals from the first batch, and add even more frying the second, third, fourth, and even more batches!! Fries typically contain more than 10% by weight oxidized fat. SO. GROSS.

How free radicals build up in even healthy food without you knowing about it:

  1. Avocados saved. Sometimes we can’t eat a whole ‘cado and save the rest for later in the fridge —> NO! Just throw it away if you aren’t going to finish it!
  2. Old olive oil. Buy new olive oil every couple months, even if you don’t use it all! You can usually smell rancid olive oil, so if you notice the smell or taste has changed, get rid of it.
  3. Nuts in the pantry. Once a jar of nuts has been opened and exposed to enough air, free radicals can build up. Buy small bags of nuts that you can finish in one sitting instead!
  4. Over-heating or smoking coconut or olive oil. Even healthier oils can accumulate free radicals if heated too high. When sautéing veggies or making anything with oil in a pan, be sure to set the heat to medium, not high.
  5. Stay away from aged cheese. Yes, it’s freakin’ delicious, but aged cheeses have a ton of oxidized fat and protein, so should be consumed in moderation.

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