Fit Tip Tuesday: lose the stinky feet.

stinky feet

Let’s talk about what no one wants to talk about — stinky feet.

The girl next to me in yoga last night was tall, gorgeous, flexible, and oh wait, I couldn’t notice those things because I kept getting a whiff of her perfectly pedicured toesies. No one is perfect, we all have our thing. I have super clammy hands sometimes! Some people just have stinkier feet than others, and that is nothing to be ashamed of! Especially because I’m about to drop some knowledge on you to help to rid of your stinky footies forever.

You need two things: cotton balls & rubbing alcohol. Step 1: Put some rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball. Step 2: Swab your soles away. Yeppers, it’s really that simple.

I could imagine people being disappointed when their shower soap doesn’t quite do the trick on their feet. Soap will totally clean your feet, but if you suffer from particularly difficult feet, it won’t rid you of the smell. This is because foot odor (and a lot of odors, for that matter) come from bacteria build up. This odor-causing bacteria isn’t killed by soap, it’s killed by alcohol! So, the rubbing alcohol will kill most of the existing bacteria on your feet, allowing them to be fresher and smelling MUCH better!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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  • Deena

    Would bathing in vodka achieve the same effect?