Fit Tip Tuesday: Shut Down Snacking


I’ve decided to start a new series: “Fit Tip Tuesday”

Every Tuesday I’ll be sharing a quick little tip on how to solve your diet/fitness woes, so if you have one for me to solve in the future, comment or share it on one of my pages!

This week: snacking.

We’re all snackers at one point or another. Late night. Visiting parents. Boredom. For me, I snack like crazy when I’m home visiting my parents.

It’s natural to want to eat for reasons other than hunger. Don’t be so hard on yourself! So, rather than say “use your head, just don’t do it!” I’d like to try something that will actually work.

Paint. Your. Nails.

Yep. I know it sounds ridiculous, but think about it. If you pull out a top coat every time you want to dive into a bag of chips, your nails will be too wet! Keeping your nails a little wet at your most vulnerable snacking times will keep them out of the pantry.

You’ll be shocked to see how well this works! I always keep a clear polish on my coffee table, where I used to do most of my snacking. Works like a charm and my nails look friggin’ fantastic.

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One Response to Fit Tip Tuesday: Shut Down Snacking

  1. Love this tip Lisa! You are so right about distracting yourself because often times hunger can be confused with boredom.

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