Finding your SOUL.

Helloooo SoulCycle


If you live in New York or LA, you’ve probably at least heard of SoulCycle – the new workout rage. It makes even the most intense spin class look weak and is trendier than designer nails. If you’ve never seen a class, here‘s a little intro. To be honest, I was totally against the craze. At $25 per class, there was no way I was going to even take a sip of that Kool-Aid.

Until I did.

I went to the class with my sister and friend Allie (who are Cyclesessed) and saw what made this spin class so special. Though I recommend going to the class, if you’re a student like me, that just ain’t gonna fly. Girls gotta eat, right?

How to make your own SoulCycle class:

  1. The music is by far the most important part of the class. The playlists are out. of. this. world. They blast the music throughout the steamy room and you can’t help but dance on your bike (which they also highly encourage). The dancing makes cycling more fun, and really gets you on a rhythm, making it easier for you to keep up a consistent speed. Here’s their Spotify playlists: 1215363058. Turn up the volume and let go.
  2. SoulCycle is in the dark. This makes it easier to relax and focus on you and your workout. By leaving the rest of the world in the dark, you’re not worried about the super perfect girl working out three bikes down, or distracted by your day at work or school, or whatever else is going on in your life. It’s just you and your bike, you even leave your phone at the door. Try closing your eyes riding at the gym, or if you are able to, turn off the lights. This is easier at a smaller gym, possibly in an apartment complex. (Don’t try to turn off the lights at Equinox, something tells me that isn’t gonna fly.) Additionally, turn your phone off.
  3. It’s all about multitasking. You’re not just sitting there riding. You’re up, cycling, dancing, and even lifting weights at one point. Try grabbing a couple 1-2 pound weights and keep them on/close to your bike. About half way into your workout, grab the weights and do light biceps and triceps workouts, keeping it basic. Small weights and simple moves can make a big difference when combining it with cycling. If you’re just cycling, just dancing on the bike, or just lifting, you’re doing it wrong. You should always be doing at least two.
  4. It’s inspiring. They don’t call it SOULcycle for nothing! The instructor motivates you every step of the way. Be sure to remind yourself why you’re working out and what your goals are throughout your workout. Tell yourself why it’s important to you to be healthy, why it’s important to take this time out of your day to reflect on yourself and your body. Tell yourself to keep going just 5 more minutes to get to the top of this hill, and that if you can do a little bit better than yesterday then you’ve improved. I feel that this concept is lost on a lot of workouts these days. Everyone is distracted by competition and being thin that they forget how important it is for your workout to be your harmony in a hectic day. Your workout is YOUR time. Your time to reflect, to improve, and to be at peace with your body and SOUL.


If you’re ever in LA or NYC, save up $25 for at least one SoulCycle class, cause trust me, it’s worth it!




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