Long Hair Don’t Care

Biotin: The miracle vitamin to make your hair, skin, and nails perfect….plus a little something extra.


Vitamins are a tricky business. Do you take a multi? Do you do a bunch of supplements? Gummies (that taste like friggin’ candy)? Do you even need them?

I’ll talk about vitamins one by one, since attempting to cover all the bases in one post would pretty much be my first book. Let’s start with my favorite, biotin.

In biochemistry, you’re taught that any time you see CO2 (carbon dioxide), you know the coenzyme biotin, which is derived from the biotin vitamin (aka B7 or vitamin H), will be involved in the reaction. But what does it even do?

I started taking biotin in college. Taking my first premed classes freshman year made me not only literally lose my hair, but I was biting my nails like crazy (I know, gross). After taking biotin for only two weeks I saw a noticeable difference in my hair and nails, the skin was a bonus.

The result of the biotin vitamin working hard in your body is threefold: long, strong, and shiny hair; strong nails; and glowing skin. So, if you can’t grow out your hair, have brittle nails, or dull skin, get on this biotin game pronto.

Hold up. What does CO2 have to do with your hair, skin, and nails? Yep, there’s more.

Another major role of biotin is to help carry CO2 through the body more efficiently, which enhances metabolism, or the rate at which you process energy. You don’t have to be a scientist to know that enhancing metabolism is a good thing. You want the food you eat to be processed as quickly as possible (that is within healthy limits). Biotin processes almost every type of food that you eat, including carbohydrates, protein and fat, at an enhanced rate.

In short, biotin rocks. Long hair, strong nails, pretty skin, fast metabolism. You should be taking at least 30 mcg/day (I take 5000…). Biotin comes in all shapes and sizes, so don’t be alarmed if your biotin doesn’t match the picture. (I like Nature Made, cause they’re pink!)





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  1. Karen says:

    WOW!! This makes me want to buy some biotin immediately. My hair is destroyed from bleach & after 6 months of growing out my hair I can really see a huge difference between my new shinier hair vs the older bleached…ew..+ a huge nail bonus!!Biotin here I come!

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