Mythbusting Fad Diets

Mythbusing Fad Diets

I bet you think that the best way to lose weight is one of those fad diets out there. You know, the cabbage soup diet, the juice diet*, the grapefruit diet, Paleo, Atkins, even the cookie diet (yep, that’s a real thing). The list goes on and on. You can crash diet for a few weeks and will be healthy forever…right?

ERRR wrong.

Now, don’t get me wrong, you will definitely lose weight after being totally starving for a few weeks or limiting yourself to juices and veggies. However, after returning to your normal way of life, which you have to sometime with those, you will ultimately gain not only the weight you lost back, but typically more. This happens because those diets result in a major loss in water weight without a significant loss in fat. Plus, once you’re finally done with them, you get so excited that you eat a ton more than usual. You may think, “It’ll be different this time! I’ll be so healthy once I lose these few pounds!” But it’s actually psychologically impossible to completely ignore those impulses. Your brain will be begging you to dive into those cookies after a couple week of no carbs, and trust me, your brain will win in a fight against a brainless, carbless you.

Additionally, depriving your body of nutrients is just flat out wrong. It needs carbs, fat, protein, along with plenty of other things I’ll teach you about soon. Only eating protein or veggies or cookies (hahah gets me every time), isn’t enough to sustain even normal body functioning, forget trying to improve it. Would you starve or deprive your kids? Your boyfriend? Your bestie? Hell no. Love. Your. Body. It’s the only one you’re gonna get.

In short, whoever is trying to sell some BS quick fix to you is straight up lying. Being healthy, being thin, being energized, all of those things require time and commitment to a real change. You should never feel hungry on a diet. You should love eating healthy food and not deprive yourself of what you need**!

*It’s really important to note that I am not against short juice cleanses, I’ll be sure to explain those soon!

**As long as “what you need” is not an entire box of Oreo’s in bed…


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  • Karen

    Couldn’t agree more! Fad diets = big mistakes. In the end the one dieting only will feel worse about themselves. A healthy lifestyle is all about balance :)