#GlutenFreeTSOH: The Results are in!

wheat belly

Recap: A few other dietitians and I started a fad diet book club and our first book was Wheat Belly. because of this and all your questions about gluten, I (and my friend Alyssa) decided to go gluten free for two weeks to show you all first hand what happens when you cut out gluten.

Spoiler alert: Nothing. Nothing happens when you cut out gluten.

Seriously, nothing.

After two weeks of zero gluten, Alyssa and I:

  • did not lose weight
  • do not feel energized, alert, or healthier
  • did not lower blood sugar levels
  • do not have magic powers

I thought maybe I had gotten sick from accidentally eating gluten on Sunday night, but it turns out I was sick for other reasons.

So yea, nothing.

Also, research has now backed this up! Science has literally proven that gluten sensitivity isn’t real. 17 million people may unnecessarily believe that they are gluten-sensitive. We spent $10.5 billion last year on gluten-free products in the US. 

The same scientist who gave strong proof for gluten sensitivity in 2011 now says that it might only be in your head.

This new research controlled for everything I tried to control for and the results were clear: gluten in no way could have caused any of the negative symptoms that the subjects were suffering from.

Gluten was proven as a NOCEBO by the researchers of this medical study. NOCEBO s a term used to denote something perceived as harmless, but actually has harmful effects to people who take it. 

The research was taken a step further, in which researchers “failed to confirm [that] patients with self-perceived NCGS have specific gluten sensitivity.”

So there it is. Sorry everyone!

Do any of you want to hear about the book club meeting this week? 5 dietitians critiqued and harshly discussed Wheat Belly and alllllll its flaws! Comment below if you want to see that next week!

In the meantime, enjoy this:


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  • http://em-poweredwellness.com/ Emma @em-poweredwellness

    Haha I would love to see your meeting! I’m getting tired of the no-gluten craze…there are so many other additives in food (including gluten-free foods!) that people would be better off cutting out

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  • Erica Agran

    I think getting rid of processed foods with gluten and without is key. I do think gluten can exacerbate some health conditions. I have been avoiding gluten in bread and stuff, but eating grains that contain gluten like farro and I feel good.

  • Jen Rawson @ Pretty Little Gru

    I hadn’t seen that study in Gastroenterology, so thanks for sharing. I’m interested in checking it out.
    Also, I am definitely not surprised by your results but I’ve loved following just in case.