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Catch Some Zzzs: natural sleep remedies

I don’t know about you guys, but if I’m under stress, falling asleep just ain’t gonna happen. I feel like most people nowadays are up all night on Twitter or Tumblr or TSOH (my dream come true), cutting into their … Continue reading

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Keepin’ Greens Green

How to keep your greens fresh and store them for weeks! I recently learned that grocery shopping for one is a tricky business! I have had to throw away probably almost of the quarter of the food I’ve bought just … Continue reading

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The Quickie Seattle Salmon

First off, I’m SO sorry for being totally MIA this week! Graduate school studying is no joke, and I took the weekend off to go to a beautiful wedding in Half Moon Bay (my new favorite beach spot)! This week … Continue reading

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What is BMI anyway?

I’m sure many of you know about, or have at least heard of BMI. It stands for Body Mass Index, and is one of the many ways to determine if you are at a healthy weight, overweight, obese, or even … Continue reading

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