“I have so much time to do Yoga every day!” - said no one. 

Work. School. Family. Friends. Kids. Errands. Cleaning. Who has time to work out? Who even has time to RELAX for a second?! Everyone. 

You’re about to learn how to miraculously work out, relax, and not change your busy life at all.

Busy people typically run into the same problem when it comes to working out. You sign up for the class, put it in your planner, set a reminder on your phone, get home from work, grab your workout shoes, sit down, and change your mind. “Ughhh….I [walked, sweat, burned, did, (your word here)] enough today.” Are you a morning workout person? A night one? A lunch break one? When will you ever feel “in the mood” to workout? Does anyone? The first step to getting a good daily workout in is to study your life, study how you live each day.

All you need to find is a block of time during the day in which you feel upbeat, energized, and awake. That block can be an hour, or even just 20 minutes. You could even find two 15 minute blocks. But trust me, no matter how busy you are, you have 15-20 minutes of free time in your day to give yourself. You’re reading this, aren’t you?

At the times in my life I feel most stressed and busy, I really appreciate my knowledge (as limited as it may be) of yoga. I would recommend it for any person trying to keep up with our stressed out, over-worked world. It combines four vitally important things that your body needs: sweating, strength training, stretching, and relaxation. It’s the ultimate workout for the multitasker. And, gentleman, no matter what you may think, dudes do yoga too. If that isn’t enough for you, “yoga pants” came from somewhere, and that place is a yoga class. Get into it, us and our yoga pants are in there.

We know you’re helpless to them.


Here’s the problem: your free time and money are way too valuable to spend 20 minutes driving to an expensive yoga studio. And no, belting out and dancing to T.Swift or Macklemore (pick your poison) in the car does not count as a sufficient workout. If it did, I would be the first to exploit the hell out of that one.


Burns 100 calories of fresh new moves with every play…I wish.


Here’s the solution: You can do yoga in your bedroom. You can do yoga in your office. You can do yoga in the movie theater hallway waiting for the midnight showing of Twilight to start. You can do it in socks. You can do it in sweats. You can do it in your most embarrassing graphic tee that you “hate, but just keep to sleep in.” All you need is your computer.

This guy.

One of my favorite websites is Yogatailor. It. Is. The. Bomb. Diggity. Find your free minutes in the day, try it out, and let me know what you think.


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