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5 Tips to Eat Better at Work

Work. Has. Been. CRAZY. I’m sorry I didn’t have anything for you all on Wednesday, but it’s seriously been nuts. I was considering writing up a day in the life of a clinical dietetic intern or give you guys cool … Continue reading

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3 Step Rec: Pizza Butter

A new nut butter!! I’m about to drop a healthy PIZZA NUT BUTTER on you. You heard me. It’s butter. It’s pizza. It’s healthy. Clearly my crazy recipe experiments in response to my relationship frustrations is working in y’alls favor! … Continue reading

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Pharmacy Pantry

My very first post (seriously, we’re talking the first first one ever!) on The Skinny on Health was a list of common ailments to cure with food. Food is the best medicine (“Let food by thy medicine and medicine be … Continue reading

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Butternut Squash & Brussels Sprouts Quinoa

Chicken apple sausage is sort of my bread-and-butter when it comes to adding quick protein. It is DELICIOUS and super filling, not to mention you can just pop a frozen one (Aidells is my fave!) in the microwave and viola, … Continue reading

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