Spinach is Super Underrated

So everyone is obsessed with kale, does anyone ever feel bad for spinach?! Popeye loved it, and you should too.

Spinach is delicious — my favorite green. It also is packed full of vitamins and essential nutrients, including vitamin K, vitamin A, folate, manganese, and much, much more.

It also has some major anti-inflammatory benefits, which is a BFD (big fuckin’ deal). Inflammation is the root cause of almost all chronic diseases, like cancer, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s, etc etc etc. Anti-inflammatory foods therefore prevent these awful diseases and improve lifespan and lifelong health. Spinach has a variety of phytonutrients, which have been identified to have protective effects against inflammation. In fact, a study on adult women living in the late 1980s also showed intake of spinach to be inversely related to incidence of breast cancer. Pretty tight, eh?

These phytonutrient flavinoids also have antioxidant benefits — adding even more protection against chronic disease by combatting oxidation. Double the fun.

Added bonus? SPINACH TASTES SO DAMN GOOD. It’s like candy. Sort of. But, you can pack a smoothie full of spinach, and not get that super green-y taste, making it easy to feed to children and boyfriends.

So, while everyone’s all ‘kale, kale, kale,’ teach ‘em a bit about the big spin!

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  • http://acaffeinatedbrunette.com/ Tia

    Mm love spinach everything! I’ve been getting on the green smoothie train and I’ve felt so much better!

  • http://nourishbymelissa.com/ Melissa @ nourishbymelissa.com

    Yay! I’m so glad you wrote about this! Ever since kale made it big, people have forgotten about spinach :(

  • Paige c

    I have never done one before but would love to try one I’ve seen so many good reviews and I have a ton of digestive problems

  • kim@hungryhealthygirl

    I’ve done the Conscious Cleanse several times and love it. And spinach is my favorite green too!

  • http://www.honestlyfitness.com/ Honestly Fitness

    I have never done a cleanse before because they are soooo expensive!

    And totally agree with you about spinach, I like it much more than kale!

  • http://liveanddiet.com/ Whitney @ To Live & Diet in L.

    I totally agree! I’ve def been one of the people contributing to the kale craze but lately I’ve been missing my first love. Spinach is my old faithful :)

  • Ashley

    Love this! I know that kale is all the rage but something about the taste of it makes eating it such a chore but I found out that spinach is also just as nutrient dense and now I’m all spinach all the time.

  • http://northernambitions.com ursula @ Nothern Ambitions

    I love spinach. It’s so versatile and is definitely one of my grocery list staples!

  • Heather Murphy

    Anti- inflammatory foods are also great for skin conditions, helping with breakouts! I eat spinich salads at least twice a week, and love them.