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Throwback Thursday

Sorry y’all, no nutrition/fitness mythbusting or advice for you today! ‘But…but…but Lisa WHYYY?’ they cried. Well, I just survived my grad school finals/term papers/presentations & am in go-mode with The Skinny Docs coming out in just 11 days & am … Continue reading

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Mythbusting: The Alkaline Diet

I told y’all I would mythbust the alkaline diet! The alkaline diet is SO frustrating to me. The whole idea is to eat alkaline foods to lose weight and prevent disease by making your body more alkaline. To start, alkaline … Continue reading

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Mythbusting: Potassium

My mom gets these terrible foot and leg cramps sometimes after being on her feet too much or working out too hard at the gym. The first thing she does after getting them is go for bananas. Have any of you … Continue reading

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