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Hey guys! I am so so SO excited to be a Vega Sport blogger and to join this amazing campaign.

Let’s talk pre-workout energy, shall we?

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Do any of you know you should be fueling your workouts better but don’t really know where to start? Or maybe you’re stuck at a workout plateau?

So I usually am not big on workout supplements, mainly because the ingreds and lack of regulations. VegaSport totally wooed me — real, plant-based nutrition supplements.

They also personalize your supplements, which is super important when it comes to fueling your workout. A woman doing a two hour yoga class needs a totally different ‘cocktail’ than a body builder lifting for 20 minutes. VegaSport doesn’t mesh all of us together, but rather sees you as an individual. You need your own supplement, your own plan.

So, I do hot power yoga every day and then strength training 3-4 x per week. Around 20 minutes before my workout (usually while I’m changing into workout clothes), I drink my Vega Sport acai pre-workout energizer. It’s now a necessary part of my routine. It gives me a ton of energy without making me feel shakey and weird. It also lasts, so I don’t burn out — even after a 90 minute sweaty yoga sesh. The main ingreds are coconut seed, kombucha, and yerba mate. The rest are all 100% au natural — a must-have when it comes to a supplement for any smart yogi/fittie/health nut. You can see all the ingredients for the supplement I use here. (PS - yerba mate is a GREAT pre-yoga energizer because it enhances focus!!)


So how do you #fuelyourbetter?

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  • http://northernambitions.com Ursula

    I’ve never been a fan of workout supplements either, but Vega is the one product I will use because I like that it’s plant based, I can identify most if not all the ingredients and there is a good variety.

  • Feeedingbb

    I’ve tried several of the Vega products and am usually pretty happy with them. I currently try have one of their greens and protein mixes and haven’t decided how I feel about it. Not sure if I will buy it again, but I don’t regret my purchase. This was a great review!