Probiotics & Stomach Acid

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So I could go OFF about probiotics. I could science this place upppp.

But I’m gonna start small.

Probiotics are basically health bacteria that you consume to improve your health. You can eat pre/probiotic foods (yogurt, bananas, honey, etc) or take them in a supplement capsule.

Your gut is FULL of bacteria. The human body actually has more bacterial cells and DNA than human cells and DNA. That’s right germophobes — you’re made up of more bacteria than human.

Everyone has different bacteria based on genetics/lifestyle/diet. Our gut bacteria is constantly reproducing and evolving, so even though you’re only 20 something years old (or how ever old you are), your bacteria has seen thousands of generations, giving them ample opportunity to evolve. Introducing probiotics into the gut promote evolution positive for your health.

Hypothetical smartiepants: ‘But Lisa, you just taught us about how stomach acid makes the alkaline foods we eat acidic, wouldn’t acid kill bacteria before it even gets to the gut?!’


Answer: Nerrrp. Here’s why. Certain bacteria (those in probiotics) have a polysaccharide (complex carbohydrate) capsule that protects the inner bacterium organism. It’s sort of like a suit of armor. Other probiotic bacteria have a complex electrolyte pump. This basically pumps acid out of the bacterial cell on contact. Pretty dope, right?!

Anywho, as I said I could really talk a lot more about probiotics but I just wanted to give you guys a little taste today. :)

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  • Whitney @ To Live & Diet in L.

    I want more!!!!! Love probiotic talk :)

  • Alysha @ Love, Alysha

    I don’t eat yogurt anymore, so I just hope that whatever else I’m eating does enough when it comes to probiotics. Bananas? I eat lots of those. And they confuse me much less than the labels on probiotic and vitamin bottles.

  • Christina

    I have never tried a cleanse before because I’m worried about low energy levels — I definitely want to try though!

  • ursula @ Nothern Ambitions

    I don’t eat yogurt because my body hates dairy, but once I started the capsules, my stomach felt so much better. Good to know the science behind it though. I had no idea!

  • chelsea

    I have never done a cleanse but always wanted to-but I want to do it right