Fit Tip Tuesday #9: Enjoy Eating Right

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National Nutrition Month is all about enjoying the taste of eating right. Eating healthy should be something you enjoy. Nutritious, healthy foods are supposed to be DELICIOUS. If they aren’t, I’m sorry to say, you’re doing it wrong.

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5 Tips to Enjoy the Taste of Eating Right

1. Amp up those skills. Cooking is such an important factor in healthy eating. If you don’t know how to cook healthy food well, take a couple classes, or learn via YouTube. You don’t have to be a 5 star chef to make healthy foods yummy, but some basic skills can really turn kale around.

2. Buy in-season, quality fruits and veggies. I know tons of people that have sworn off this veggie or that fruit because they ‘tasted it and it was disgusting.’ Well, yea, if you’re trying to eat an out-of-season honeycrisp apple when it’s not ripe enough, it’s probably not going to be the best. It’s easy to learn which veggies and fruits are in season, and that’s the best time to explore new foods and get them at your local farmer’s market or store to try out in a new recipe.

3. Share your food with friends and family. Eating healthy can seem like a task when socializing. I’ve totally been there — all your friends want to go to a restaurant with no healthy options, and you’re stuck looking like a big ______ cause you’re getting a garden salad. That’s why, one, I don’t consume myself with healthy food stress at restaurants. And two, I encourage my friends to eat in with me. Suggest a pot luck or cooking together before going bar hopping. You’ll all save money and probably have a lot more fun quality time.

4. Get creative. Don’t always go for your go-to healthy fruits and veggies. If you see a vegetable at the grocery store you’ve never seen before, look up a new recipe and try it out! You might just find your new favorite! :)

5. Look at healthy food blogs and photos. These provide a ton of inspiration and make healthy foods look like gorgeous works of art. If you find healthy foods to be beautiful, you’ll be more excited and involved in making your own at home!

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  • Nicole

    Love all of these tips! I agree with each one, especially buying in season and the importance of home cooking.

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  • Cassie

    That salad looks insanely delicious. Looking at other HLB bloggers is such an inspiration!

  • Dana @ Conscious Kitchen Blog

    These are great tips! I completely agree eating healthy foods is all about preparing them in tasty ways!

  • Courtney@TriGirl Chronicles

    Great tips! And that salad looks amazing! Do you have the recipe?

  • GiGi Eats Celebrities

    Well I just did #5 that’s for sure. That chicken salad photo… I am melting! Ha Ha! YUM :)

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