Vit C Baby.

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Literally EVERYONE is getting sick. Between the cold weather and stressed out students, it is so tough to stay healthy this time of year. Once symptoms start, it’s all over. That’s why the best advice I can give you is to avoid it! I already talked about avoiding the flu this fall, but I want to dive into vitamin C when you all need it most.

Most people think you can only get vitamin C in oranges, which you can, but that’s BORING. Here’s some inspiration to incorporate different sources of vitamin C into every day of the week!

Monday: strawberries with a touch of brown sugar for dessert!
Tuesday: taco Tuesday with lots of bell peppers!
Wednesday: kiwi green smoothie!
Thursday: this amazing brussels sprouts recipe to get you in the spirit!
Friday: guava juice with every meal (aloooha)!
Saturday: a big grapefruit for breakfast or grapefruit and kale salad for lunch!
Sunday: cantaloupe sorbet snack!

Stay healthy this lovely winter!

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2 Responses to Vit C Baby.

  1. I’ve been mega-dosing vitamin C lately. It’s one of those vitamins that I make a point to have everyday, especially during cold season. I think it’s a fascinating vitamin (because I’m a nerd like that) because of how fragile it is. It’s easily oxidized the second you cut into any fruit or veggie, so to maximize vitamin C intake eat them right away. Even after around 4 hours, the vitamin C is non-existant. Crazy!

  2. Jenn Hansen says:

    Hey Lisa! I know it’s best to get vitamins naturally from the food in our diet, but how do you feel about a vitamin c supplement?


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