Thinking out Loud Thursday

I secretly really love Thinking Out Loud Thursday. Thanks Amanda at Running with Spoons for hosting us!


Thursdays with Running with Spoons gives me a chance to vent a little and seriously humanize myself with you guys (I mean, that’s what blogs are for, right?!) I never had a diary, but if I did, I have a feeling it’d feel like this link up!

I have a really strict calendar of daily posts, collaborations, interviews, guests, cleanse orders, and the list goes on and on. With grad school work piling up and a huge increase in cleanse orders and collaborations, daily posts are starting to fall by the way side.

I told myself I would start posting 5 days per week instead of 7, but now I’m struggling to find the right days to post on. Hopefully I’ll get into a good groove sooner rather than later!

I’m also trying to focus a lot of attention on my new link up, Fit Tip Tuesdays. How does Running with Spoons do it?! I know mines only a couple weeks old, but I really want to share all the great tips my readers and other health bloggers have. So, gotta find time to focus more energy on that, too! Any of you have advice on how to help Fit Tip Tuesday spread and grow?

Fit Tip Tuesday What to Write

What really doesn’t help all this necessary productivity to keep up with TSOH growth and grad school is my current Dexter obsession. I don’t really have time to watch it during the day, but luckily watching it keeps me up at night (obviously scared John Lithgow is in my apartment bathroom waiting for me, right?), so when I inevitably can’t sleep, I just stay up all night watching it. So, I reason that not watching it during the day is okay and that being tired all day isn’t having that big of an effect on my productivity. Healthy, right? NAAAT! Sheesh, at this point I should really just power through this I finish it all and can go back to normal. School → gym → TSOH → SLEEEEP! (repeat)

john lithgow
(Officially TERRIFYING)

Looking forward to hearing your advice for the Fit Tip Tuesday link up & advice to resolve my need to watch a show giving me nightmares instead of maintaining my usual healthy schedule!

lisasig LOVE on me!


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  • Natalie @ lovenataliemare

    Haha, this gave me a good chuckle.
    I’d be pretty scared watching that late at night and then having to go to the bathroom. xD
    I really hope things get easier for you!

    • Lisa @ The Skinny on Health

      Ah I know! I’m terrified of having to go in the middle of the night!
      Thanks girl!


  • Amanda @ All Day Activewear

    I just found your blog yesterday — Love it!! :) I too am honestly terrified of John Lithgow now too. Doesn’t matter if it’s a pic in a magazine or a different movie/show on TV — can’t do it!! Can’t wait to read more :)

    • Lisa @ The Skinny on Health

      Thank you! Ahh I know he is SO creepy now!!


  • Amanda @ .running with spoons.

    I wish I could offer advice on how to make a linkup grow, but ToL really surprised me with how quickly it took off. Can you believe I wasn’t even going to make it a linkup because I didn’t expect anything to come of it? Craziness. All I can say is try to promote it through social media, and always remind your readers of it a few days beforehand!

    Happy Thursday, girl <3

    • Lisa @ The Skinny on Health

      Thanks Amanda! I really appreciate your advice! Hoping you can try to join in on Fit Tip Tuesday one week! :)


  • Tiffany

    I just started following your blog on bloglovin, and found you via the thinking out loud linkup. I think it’s a great idea to start hosting your own and since I’m following you now I’m totally in when you set it up. I’m also doing something similar (it just posted today) where once a month I share my favorite links from the month in my niche and then give an option for readers to share their posts that are relevant. I’d love if you stop by and drop off yours. Can’t wait to read more of your stuff and hop in your linkup!

    • Lisa @ The Skinny on Health

      I’d love to! Thanks so much! :) I’ve done it for a few weeks now, excited to see a new face next Tuesday! I’ll definitely try to share a post on yours today!