Happy Birthday TSOH!


WOOOO!!! It is The Skinny’s 1st birthday today!

It is actually also my gorgeous niece’s 1st birthday today. I never realized that I started this blog the day she was born, which I suppose is pretty special.


Today especially I want to thank you all for reading. I appreciate each and every one of you and love, love, love receiving all your emails, comments, shares, follows, tweets, and whatnots. Seriously, you guys are the friggin’ best.

There are a few big things in store for TSOH this coming year, all starting this week. There will be tons of advice, discounts, workouts, giveaways, recipes, new series, and much more. (That’s referring to this year, not this week, that would be crazy!)

In honor of my blogirthday today, I have a [healthy-cheat-day] challenge for you. I have had a polka-dot birthday cake by Once Upon a Pedestal Pocketed for weeks now, without the time to bake it!

polka dot cake

I finally had some time to have a girl’s night with my friend Sarah and bake polka dot cupcakes in honor of Arianna and TSOH, but they didn’t exactly come out as planned… We tried to substitute the cake pop pans with rolling polka dots from sponge cake mixed with frosting, so the color wasn’t as vibrant as we wanted.

Photo Nov 07, 9 34 54 PM

(No girl’s night in Seattle is complete without Sweet Lo’s Ice Cream!)

The challenge: BAKE IT! I would absolutely love to hear your baking stories and see your awesome pictures. It looks seriously amazing, and I love, love, love Handmade Charlotte, where I found it. She’s a blogidol of mine.

girls night collage (top left: my boyfriend, “Bell”-er made me the perfect playlist for the evening, which included this ridiculous song. top right & bottom left: my favorite little bowls from Anthro. bottom right: our polka dot batter ready to be baked!)

Photo Nov 07, 11 10 01 PM

(as I said, a little underwhelming compared to the magic talent of Once Upon a Pedestal.)

Anyway, I freakin’ LOVE you all. I hope you bake that ridiculously cool cake and tell me all about it. Thank you for making this experience awesome for me. Blowing out the candle on my polka-dot birthday cupcake now!




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2 Responses to Happy Birthday TSOH!

  1. Holly says:

    A+ for effort! Recipes like that are always hit and miss… I am glad you tried it first because I would totally make it for a kids birthday.

  2. Happy Birthday/Blogaversary to TSOH! Love reading your blog, looking forward to another great year!

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