Healthy Halloween Treat Recipes!!!

Halloween is one of my FAVORITE times of the year! Helloooo pumpkins, DIY décor, clever costumes, and candy!

I’m seriously so excited.

halloween collage without hat

So, naturally, I’m throwing a Halloween potluck this weekend ahh tomorrow! (despite all my midterms next week…whoops). How do you keep Halloween *at least a little bit* healthy but still creative and fun? These amaze-crawls (see what I did there?) homemade treats from my favorite recipe sites!

◊ My Top 5 Halloween Recipes! 

  1. Apple “Bites” – [via]
    halloween 4
  2. Black Bean Pumpkin Soup – [via]
    halloween 3
  3. Cheese Witch’s Brooms – [via] *this recipe is in Spanish, but you can scroll down for the English version!
    halloween 2
  4. Carrot Rice Ball Mini Jack o’ Lanterns – [via]
    halloween 1 copy
  5. Pizza Mummies – [via]
    halloween 5

Do any of you have more ideas for décor/food for my potluck?!


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2 Responses to Healthy Halloween Treat Recipes!!!

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  2. Deirdre says:

    This is so adorable! Perfect timing too-I’ve been looking for some Halloween health treats. Greetings from @Deefitty!

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