What should you eat after a workout?


The post-workout meal is SO important. If it goes wrong, you might as well throw most of your workout out the window. So, what are you supposed to eat? Do you reach for one of those crazy protein shakes? What if you’re not hungry?

A lot of women don’t want to eat after they workout. I think this is mainly because it’s pretty counterintuitive, especially if you’re trying to lose weight. They think, “phew just burned 500 calories, no way am I about to reverse that with food.”

But that’s WRONG. In order to maximize the benefits of your workout, you need a source of protein within 30 minutes! Your muscles need the amino acids in proteins to benefit from strength exercises. Without it, all those crunches, curls, pushups, or whatever you did were not worth it. A good mix of proteins and carbs is the perfect post-workout meal.

What is a good source of protein? Personally, I don’t enjoy eating after a tough workout. For that reason, I usually drink a big glass of skim milk as soon as I get home. I usually replace milk with almond milk (which I find more nutritional), but there’s more protein in regular milk. If I have chocolate or Nutella, I add it to the milk as a source of carbohydrates. If I am hungry, eggs are my go-to.

Then again, I’m not trying to bulk up or anything serious. If you are a serious athlete or fitness fanatic, and need more protein to build muscles, comment to share your post-workout protein techniques!

If you’re like me, what do you like to eat after a good workout?


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