The Skinny on Lemon Water

lemon water

What’s the deal with lemon water, anyway?

I’m sure you all have heard that you should be squeezing some lemons into your water. You know, it’ll make you skinny…or something…right? Maybe it was that it’ll make your skin pretty? Or it’ll give you energy? Metabo-something? Whatever it is, you’re guzzling that lemon water like it’s your job. Cause every mag told you to.

At least you should be.

3 reasons why lemon water is good for you, simplified:

♥ Cleanses your liver and digestive tract. This is an awesome, awesome effect of lemon water. Basically, the lemon loosens up toxins stuck to your digestive tract, which stimulates better digestion. At the same time, it enhances enzyme functions to stimulate your liver. Enzymes are basically proteins that speed up chemical reactions in your body (you want them to be in tip top shape). Lemon water makes them better, stronger, faster.

♥ Reduces hunger cravings.Ohhhh yeah, lemon water does help you lose weight!  Does it eat all your fat and make you skinny no matter what you eat? Hell no. Does it keep you filling satisfied throughout the day so that you can put down the chips and go to the gym? Yeppers. Lemons have a fiber called pectin, which is a special fiber that makes you feel fuller longer so that you have less cravings, and therefore eat less, throughout the day.

♥ Fights bloat and inflammation. Here is a key lesson to remember about your body: Inflammation is bad. Plain and simple. Your body becomes inflamed from processed unhealthy foods, infection, and other yucky things you just don’t want. When your body is inflamed you feel it, and you all know that gross feeling I’m talking about. Sluggish. Bloaty. Gross. Lemon water decreases acidity in your body (I’ll dive into the alkaline diet soon I’m sure), which removes something called uric acid from your joints. This decreases inflammation in your body, making you feel amazing and taking off excess bloat.

lemon water 2

You heard it here, babes. Lemon water has got The Skinny’s stamp of approval. A glass in the morning, a midday pick-me-up, maybe even one with dinner. Try to squeeze (get it?!) in at least one glass a day. Happy LW drinking!



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  1. KAMA FITNESS says:

    I Love lemon water! I uaually drink a glass in the morning & in the evening - I swear by it to eliminate bloating!

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