My Fall Yoga Style Haul


You guys – I did a serious Target® workout clothes style haul. I am big on really comfy workout clothes that can also double as stylish and flattering, especially since I usually have to wear them to more than just my workout.




I am totally crazy about these tops and yoga pants. Living in them from now on. I really needed some new fall/winter yoga clothes so I got this pink top, this sweater, and these yoga pants.

The pink top is sooo comfy for how cute it is – it doesn’t pull or constrict in any weird places, so it’s perfect for hot yoga. I love the tri blend too!


The sweater is better for outdoor runs in the fall, but is also great for not-so-hot yoga (which is, as you guys know, my favorite fall workout). It’s not super heavy and is breathable enough to really get your sweat on in while still keeping warm!

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I also wanted to try out some new yoga pants. Mine haven’t been holding up well recently so I got my first pair of C9 ones and am in love. The little detail on the sides makes them great for both workouts and to wear under a sweater and boots for fall! Sahhh cute. They’re the perfect stretchy-flattering combo.

Anywho – I’m officially obsessed. Target® C9 – the best kept secret when it comes to workout clothes.

What are you guys doing to work out in this crisp Fall weather?!

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Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Target® C9 through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about Target® C9, all opinions are my own.

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5 Tips to Eat Better at Work

Work. Has. Been. CRAZY. I’m sorry I didn’t have anything for you all on Wednesday, but it’s seriously been nuts. I was considering writing up a day in the life of a clinical dietetic intern or give you guys cool case studies of patients you could try to figure out, but I thought those might both be boring for you. Let me know if you’re interested in that…

I’ve also been working on another collaboration with TargetC9 and a couple videos for you! Soo I’m looking forward to those, as well as a funny post similar to this one!

I’m trying to set a rule to not work after 7 pm and do something fun/social every day as well, which isn’t always do-able, but it at least keeps me sane and is something to work toward. For instance, this week I did a girl’s night Monday, birthday party Tuesday, wine tasting + date Wednesday, and friendsgiving/framily dinner (big dinner with a bunch of my friends) Thursday. This attempt is keeping me crazy, crazy busy.

This busy schedule inspired me to talk about how I’m eating healthy on the go and how you can too!

I have a full Guide to Eating in the Workplace in my services, but I wanted to give you guys a little taste of my feelings on the matter (because of course everyone in the health/fitness world as their own rules about this!). I also work with and eat with dietitians and dietetic interns all day every day, so I can mix all our opinions on the matter to share with you!

workplace eating

Here’s a few of my rules/guidelines on how to stay healthy in a crazy workplace:

1. Meal prep: Sundays are the day of Tupperware. Learn the best way of meal prepping that works for you! The Little Honey Bee has awesome meal prepping advice (she’s a pro). I usually like to spend part of my Sunday making all the basics (steaming veggies, grilling up ground turkey, baking sweet potatoes…) so that they’re ready to go when I run out of the house in the morning. If I have fun plans on Sunday, I prep when I get home from the gym at night. So, while I’m cleaning up the apartment or watching a show or getting ready for bed, I have something cooking for tomorrow. So many recipes are so easy to just pop in the oven and not think about, so cutting out ten minutes of prep each night isn’t the biggest deal. If you’re into slow cookers, those are pretty rad too.
2. Cafeteria pushiness: some people are afraid to ask the chefs in their office cafeteria to make things a certain way – don’t be! Usually they are happy to make something a particular way for you. At the center I do research at, I was always too shy to ask for chicken without cream sauce or something grilled instead of fried, but now that I have seen how happy they are to make your meal healthier, I don’t mind it!
3. Have a schedule: if you’re at your desk all day, it’s easy to munch away for hours on end. Set a schedule for lunch every day and stick to it, set an alarm if you have to! Make sure that you only eat within that hour or so, so that you’re not mindlessly eating out of stress or boredom. Say to yourself, my lunch is at noon, no earlier and no later. Even if you’re still eating at your desk, you can set aside 30 min or so to enjoy your meal and take a breather from work.
4. Bring fruit/veggies to work: Every day I bring at least 2-3 pieces of fruits or veggies to work with me. We all get that 10 am stomach growl or 3-4 pm slump, and having fruits and veggies on-hand is crucial for that. It is allll too easy to sneak over to the vending machines or nearest coffee shop croissant window to satisfy that, so having fruits and veggies really accessible is great. I like having fruits because they have sugar to keep me alert and energized, and because I typically crave sweet things in the afternoon. Perfect solution. This week my bag had an apple, a pear, and a plum in it every morning. The week before was baby carrots, grapes, and cucumbers.
5. Water: Drinking water throughout the day keeps you energized and focused while curbing your cravings. Have a big reusable water bottle on your desk all the time so you don’t have to think about drinking it, it’s just right in front of your face all day!

I have also found that I eat a lot less/have less cravings throughout the day when I’m crazy busy. This can work in either direction (some people eat more/unhealthier under stress), so I’m lucky in a way. However, by really focusing on your goals at work and pushing yourself to kill it in the office every day and just HUSTLE, you won’t be worrying so much about food. You can focus more on fueling your awesomeness with healthy options!

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3 Step Rec: Pizza Butter

pizza butter

A new nut butter!!

I’m about to drop a healthy PIZZA NUT BUTTER on you. You heard me. It’s butter. It’s pizza. It’s healthy.

Clearly my crazy recipe experiments in response to my relationship frustrations is working in y’alls favor!

This recipes is the bomb diggidy. So. Friggin’. Good. So much good. It’s pizza butter. P-I-Z-Z-A B-U-T-T-E-R.

K I’ll try to calm down.

3 Step Rec: TSOH’s Healthy Pizza Butter

¼ cup sun dried tomatoes
1 cup cashews
1 teaspoon dried basil
1 tablespoon olive oil
Sunflower seeds and/or fresh basil to taste/as garnish!

1. Combine all ingredients in a food processor, NutriBullet, or Vitamix.
2. Blend until creamy.
3. Spread on everything. Literally everything. Eat off the spoon. Bask in pizza butter. If hosting a party, I like to toss some sunflower seeds and fresh basil on top of it to make it pretty!

Ahhh-mazing. I love pizza, but obviously I know it’s not the best thing for you. This rec gives you the oh-so-good goodness of pizza without actually eating any!

sd tomatoes cashews

For more of my healthy nut butter concoctions…. Guacamole butter, BBQ sauce, and pumpkin pie!


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Pharmacy Pantry

pharmacy pantry 2

My very first post (seriously, we’re talking the first first one ever!) on The Skinny on Health was a list of common ailments to cure with food. Food is the best medicine (“Let food by thy medicine and medicine be thy food”, right?) and when you have a health problem, food should be your first answer. It can’t cure everything, but it should be at least incorporated into your medications and prevention/treatment regime.

6 Common Drugs and their Nutritional Counterparts

The drug: Lipitor (or other statins that lower LDL cholesterol)
The foods: Tomatoes, apples, nuts

The drug: Tylenol (drugs that manage pain)
The foods: Berries, ginger, turmeric (water and caffeine can also help headaches specifically!)

The drug: Prilosec (or other antacids)
The foods: Honey, alfalfa sprouts, baking soda and water

The drug: Amoxicillin (antibiotics)
The foods: garlic, turmeric, mushrooms (and plenty of sunshine!)

The drug: Metformin (or another glucophage/diabetes drug)
The foods: leafy greens, mushrooms, black tea (and plenty of sunshine!)

The drug: Zestril (or another drug that lowers blood pressure)
The foods: leafy greens, bananas, citrus fruits

Do any of you have a go-to food to cure your common ailments?? Spill!

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