Kitchen Hack: Separating Egg Yolks

egg yolk.jpg

I mean, while we’re on the topic of making brunch

Ever made egg whites for a ton of people? It isn’t pretty.

Maybe make a big batch homemade sauce using egg yolks? Yea, not my jam.

Well, you can easily separate a dozen egg whites and yolks in under two minutes with just a water bottle, bowl, and a couple plates.

As soon as I saw this hack last year I went nuts and had to try it. Now, I could never separate egg yolks without it! Such a handy little trick!


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3 Step Rec: Macadamia Nut Almond Milk

milk 5.jpg

3 steps. 4 ingredients. Homemade vegan dairy-free milk.

This milk is super creamy with loads of healthy fats from nuts. I love regular milk as well, but definitely prefer this milk for things like lattes and baking.

Why not just buy regular nut milk?

Well for starters, that’s no fun. Don’t you want to impress your friends by making your own milk at home?!

Second, dairy free milks can have a lot of different chemicals and preservatives hiding behind ‘healthy’ label claims. It’s so easy to be wooed by a product that looks healthy, when in actuality it is packed with things you just don’t want in your system. This milk only has four ingredients, so you know exactly what you’re drinking.

It’s seriously so easy, you guys are going to love this.

TSOH’s Macadamia Nut Almond Milk

Makes: around 1 quart
Time: overnight soaking + 20 minutes of prep

1/2 cup macadamia nuts
1 – 1 1/4 cup almonds (blanched!!)
1/3 cups pitted dates
4 1/4 cups water (filtered, not tap)

1. Let all ingredients soak overnight in a large covered container at room temperature (I use a big tupperware with a lid).
2. Process the mixture in a blender/food processor/Vitamix/Magicbullet until pureed (maybe ~3-4 minutes).
3. Strain the mixture into a bowl using a nut bag, squeezing really hard to make sure no liquid is left. (If you don’t have a nut bag, a mesh sieve and couple layers of cheesecloth should work great. I’ve even used a dishcloth for a desperate brunch batch.) Taste the liquid, if it’s gritty, you need to strain with more layers, if it’s creamy, you’ll be too distracted by how good it is to finish the recipe.

milk 6.jpg milk 3.jpg

milk 4.jpg

milk 2.jpg

Definitely shake well before drinking. It should keep in the fridge for 5 days, as if it’ll last that long! If you want to save it for a while, you can freeze it in ice cube trays!

For the best iced latte you’ve ever had, mix 1 cup of this (chilled) with ~2 shots of espresso and ice! To look really cool while entertaining, shake in a cocktail shaker and serve in a chilled glass!

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And the winner is….


Congratulations to Jennifer Whitrock for winning the health & fitness goodie box!

I’m excited for some posts coming up this week for you guys, including a special dairy-free nut milk for those of you who don’t eat dairy but don’t love soy or almond milk… :)

Have a fantastic Monday!

xo L

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How to Settle a Sweet Tooth

grapes 2.jpg.jpg

We all get a sweet tooth now and then. Whether it’s in the morning, in an afternoon slump, or after dinner, it hits us at one point or another. We don’t need a lot, just a few M&Ms or a scoop of ice cream, right?

I usually crave something sweet after lunch or dinner. Since I’m a big proponent of following your cravings and definitely not limiting yourself to the point of unhappiness, I satisfy it — with frozen grapes.

grapes 3.jpg

Frozen grapes are my favoriteeee sweet treat, especially in the summertime. They’re typically recommended by dietitians for children to replace candy, but I recommend them for anyone. (Because who doesn’t like candy?) They’re easy to just pop in your mouth, which makes them perfect for a movie night or hot afternoon in the park. They’re also super easy to make (Step 1: freeze grapes.), so you don’t have to worry about prep or clean up.


Wash grapes, freeze overnight, enjoy.

They taste like candy, but sans junk.

frozen grapes wine.jpg

Pro tip: Frozen green grapes are perfect to drop in a glass of white wine or sangria to keep it cool without watering it down!

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