How to Keep your Center in a Crazy, Busy Life

Airborne Skinny on Health

So you’ll notice I went MIA for (another) minute there. Wellllll…..I’ve been working my usual 7:30-5:30 in the hospital. Then on my way home from the hospital I stop by the cancer research center to work on my research for the night. Once I get home around 10-11 pm, I make a healthy dinner, shower, and sleep. Most, if not all, weekdays…7:30-10:30. I’ve even dropped my workout on week days – and that’s saying a lot. (Instead of working out Monday-Friday, I’ve been working out for a 2-3 hours on Saturdays and Sundays…not ideal.) I’m sure most, if not all, of you have crazy(ier) schedules, but it’s definitely been an adjustment for me to loose my down time (TSOH time!) recently.

In the past month, I also welcomed a new family member a little ahead of schedule! My new nephew, Alexander Cole, was born 5 weeks early, perfectly healthy, and so. friggin. cute. So, when my sister went into labor so early and needed me, I booked a flight to LA Saturday night (left my place around 4:30 am), and flew back Monday morning at 6 am, went straight into work, and got home around 10 pm. Yikes, right?

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 6.30.43 PM


How do I keep my engines running on that productive-high energy-healthy setting when life gets a little crazy?

1. I drink tons of water. How much water should you be drinking? Take your weight in kilograms (divide it in pounds by 2.2) – that’s aroundddd how many oz of water you need daily. So, if you’re 100 pounds, that’s 45.5 kg, amounting to 45.5 oz of water per day.

2. I take my gummy vitamins every day. I use Airborne multivitamins plus immune support (the Airborne Everydays!) and totally swear by it. It has this combo of vitamins and herbs but is in a form you can take every day to support your immune system.

3. I am active every day! This supports my immune system and I try get my walking in during the day. 10,000 daily steps or bust! So, even if I’m not at the gym or on a run, I’m standing at my desk, walking through the halls, and biking or walking to work!

4. I get lots of sleep. Sleep is totally key for healthy living and keeps you running on high energy all the time without wearing you down. 7-9 hours, nightly, no matter how early you have to get up!

5. I also eat Greek yogurt every day. Yogurt has probiotics in it which help improve the health of the bacteria in your gut, promoting positive, healthy bacterial growth. The bacteria in your gut play a huge role in the way your body functions, including your weight, disease risk, and food cravings, and current research is working hard to determine how this works. If I don’t get yogurt, I’ll take a probiotic.

6. I listen to happy music in the morning. Music stimulates dopamine, which enhances your mood and makes you feel all gooooood and ready to start the day. My go-tos in the morning are The Beach Boys and the Rolling Stones.

Me trying to navigate my ridiculous schedule and my personal health inspired a little giveaway from Airborne and me! We are going to be giving one lucky winner a TON of Airborne multivitamin plus immune support gummies!

How do you enter? Comment below with YOUR must-do habit to keep your body on track! Do you swear by a special food that always keeps you healthy? Zinc? Vitamins? Water? Mom’s chicken soup? A particular morning stretch or workout? Spill!!! I want to learn all about how you all stay healthy!

Each comment counts as one entry, so you can join in the conversation and comment more than once!

Next Thursday (5/7) I will be announcing the winner of the giveaway and will send you an email with the details of your Airborne x TSOH care package!

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Springtime Rhubarb Homemade Facial

Rhubarb Facial

Let’s be real, Spring is pretty much HERE!

Well, at least in Seattle it is.

To celebrate, my good friend Jessica over at Heart Swell and I made a VIDEO tutorial for a homemade facial that’s perfectly in season for Spring. You heard me, video!

This facial is super, super quick and easy to make and gives you clear, even-toned, GLOWING skin for this sunny weather. Plus, it doubles as a pretty delicious smoothie.

Springtime Rhubarb Facial from Lisa Eberly on Vimeo.

Ingredients (makes 2 facials, keeps in the fridge for 2 days):

Greek yogurt (3 oz)
Rhubarb (2 tbs)
Pineapple (2-3 chunks)
Lemon (2 slices)
Mint (2-3 leaves)

The greek yogurt is antibacterial and has zinc, which both fight acne/blemishes and even out skin tone. Yogurt also has a mild bleaching effect, which gives you a nice glow. Rhubarb is full of great vitamins for skin, including ascorbic acid. Pineapple is packed with amino acids, vitamin C, and collagen synthesizing goodies which tighten up skin and give it a youthful glow. Lemons have citric acid that brightens skin, fights acne, and moisturizes. A mint is a nice refreshing, cooling touch of scent to add at the end!

Basically this facial was designed for locally-sourced springtime ingredients! What are your go-to homemade facials?

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A Productive Work Space

home office productivity

As a blogger, you could imagine I do quite a bit of work at home. I work from home for TSOH, and for several aspects of my dietetic internship and research. I also work from my office nearby, but basically, I split the time between the two.

A really important stimulator of productivity for me is being around likeminded, intelligent, and productive people being creative too. As a blogger, like many other workers, I work alone a lot. However, I always work better around other people working hard too. That’s why it’s great to get out of the house to work. Coffee shops are fine to work, but can be super distracting and expensive (not to mention the calories add up too!). I lovee working at WeWork too if I want those creative juices to flow! They’re a coworking company set up a great little office with modern décor and I can work close to home in an environment where all these brilliant minds are working too. It’s like an office for people with home offices! They just opened a new one right near my house — perfect morning run distance away! So, if you have one near you I’d check that out, cause I’m pretty much obsessed with it.

By going to WeWork and working from home/coffee shops, I’ve really been able to see what a massive difference your work area makes in productivity! If it’s cluttered or not into my desk/work area, I’m not going to get anything done. If my area is on its game, I’m going to be much more productive (and we all know I can’t get enough of the “hustle”. So, I’ve put together this list of the essential tips to make sure your workplace is set up for success and badassery.

1. Computer/writing level. If your chair is too high or desk is too low, you’re going to be hunched over your computer or looking down on it. This is BAD. Not only is it terrible for your posture (what’s up hunchback?!), but it’s also bad for productivity. It limits the area that your lungs can expand, so your breaths are more shallow and therefore less oxygen is getting to your cells (and brain!) to keep you thinking hard. By lifting your computer and writing area up, you’ll sit up straighter, look forward, and expand your chest to promote productivity, thinking, and sexy ballerina posture shoulders. To do this, I recommend either lifting the legs of your desk by placing books or risers under them or simply putting books under your computer. You can make a statement with them by either painting them a pretty color or using pretty hardcovers from a local used book shop.

home office 3

2. Zero clutter. I get so stressed out when I see some of my colleagues desks. A zillion post-its everywhere, stacks and stacks of paper strewn about, etc etc. Seriously, I don’t even think they can see the desk under there. I always work best with zero clutter. I have a fantastic bookshelf next to my desk with paper boxes and crates to organize my papers into files (labeled!) and hide away unsightly loose sheets. The only things that should be on your desk is your to do list, computer, a glass of water or tea, and a pen. Maybe a post-it or two. (The BEST chic desk accessories!)

home office 2

3. I am an organization freak. Not only are all my to do lists color-coded and prioritized, but my drawers and all need to be the same. Having an organized desk and work area makes you more productive by saving you time looking for things. Need a stapler? Bam, right there. Pen? Bam. That old handbook? Bam, in it’s designated spot. Organization de-clutters and calms your brain so you can focus on what’s really important.

organizaiton home office

4. A comfy – but not too comfy – chair. My work chair is super important to me. Think about it – you’re working most of the day, most days of the week. You’re sitting in that chair for SO LONG. Ideally, you would have a standing desk or a treadmill desk. We can’t all be so lucky. (Though we ALL should stand up and walk every two hours while working!) I LOVE using a balance ball as a desk chair because it keeps me moving/bouncing and keeps blood pumping even though I’m idly working. I highly recommend that. If you can’t get that, you want a good, comfy chair that won’t hurt your back (ergonomic, anyone?). However, be careful not to love your chair too much, as that can decrease productivity. If my chair is too soft and comfy, I get sleepy and lazy. This is The Perfect Lucite Office Chair.

5. Light! Lighting is key. Too dim of light and you’re snoozing, too bright and your eyeballs are stinging. Natural light is key (if you can get it), but having a lighto n your desk and overhead is a great alternative.

6. General “prettiness”! I work best when I’m feeling inspired (especially on TSOH). If I’m in a dingy, cold, boring, ugly office, I can be really productive on non-creative things (charts, literature searches, diet analyses). However, when writing or researching, I need my creativity to be stimulated through décor of my workspace. I love clean lines and motivational words, pretty planners, and framed art. Just what I personally need around me. Everyone is different, but having some nice desk accessories and décor can go a long way. Try not to over do it though, you don’t want that touch of décor to turn into clutter! (My favorite HUSTLE gold foil print.)

hustle 2 hustle 1

How do you all work? Especially you bloggers, where’s your go-to work spot?

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Weight Loss…the natural way!

weight loss

I am NOT a big proponent of unnecessary weight loss and I am even more so not a big proponent of unnatural weight loss. Pills, shakes, diet foods, and being freaking starving? Yea, no thanks dude.

Research has proven that the most effective way to lose weight and actually keep it off long term is to do so slowly. (If we’re getting specific here, the DASH diet over a long period of time is the “best” way to lose weight apparently) Point is, the faster you lose weight, the more weight you’re going to gain when your “diet” is over.


If weight loss is your goal, you certainly don’t want to lose weight slowly.

Being a major supporter of eating real foods and being active (aka keeping it simple, stupid), I’m all for slow, natural, and healthy weight loss. Your body knows what it wants, and denying it is just going to piss it off (and probably lead to a whole pizza in bed).

If there were a completely healthy, natural way to lose weight and keep it off long term, the weight loss industry would be out of business. However, based on my personal experience and the little science I understand, I have found a few little things that can speed up the weight loss process without nasty unnatural products.

Again, I cannot stress enough that I am NOT a supporter of quick fix weight loss and I 100% on board with eating whole, real foods and being active daily. That is, without a doubt, supported by science, the BEST way to maintain a healthy weight and thus a long and healthy life.

Buutttt if you are trying to knock off a couple pounds and don’t have the patience or motivation to just wait for it to happen eating real foods and working out, these are the little additional tricks I have up my sleeve. Some work by increasing energy, thus increasing productivity and activity (thus burning more calories and/or decreasing boredom eating), improving sleep, or just generally getting your body’s systems back from being “outta whack” (why yes, this is the correct medical term).

  1. Take dem vitamins. Taking B complex vitamins (vitamin B-2 and B-12 are my favorite) always increases my energy a ton. It’s like an extra cup of coffee kick-in-the-ass. This helps me burn more energy throughout the day. Taking Vitamin D3 (discount here!) and/or a multivitamin helps to keep all your systems running smoothly, and being deficient in vitamins can make you sluggish, so staying on top of them is important for optimum energy and weight maintenance.
  2. Drink TONS of water. I am always drinking water (and therefore literally always have to pee). Many people mistake dehydration for hunger, so they end up eating more if they haven’t drank enough water. Additionally, not drinking enough water makes you sluggish/groggy/headachey/tired, which leads to eating junk and not working out. Water flushes out your system and balances sodium, so if you have had a lot of processed foods recently and are feeling bloated, water will take care of that (as will potassium!).
  3. Track your steps. It is SO easy to count steps with phones now. By tracking your steps and making sure that you’re >10,000 steps per day, you keep up with being more active because you’re more aware of it. For instance, if I skipped my run or was sitting at a desk all day and saw I only hit 4,000 steps, you know I’m going to be going for a long late night podcast walk! If you are able to use both your legs, do not take that for granted. Get outside and walk!
  4. Start your day off with a big mug of coffee or tea. And it’s important to note: a lattee or coffee loaded with sugar/milk/calories does NOT count! I always start off with a huge mug of chai spice brewed tea with lemon (not a chai latte, but water and a teabag) or a big mug of black coffee. This caffeine gives you that boost to burn more calories by being more active and productive, without the heavy calories (and thus exhaustion) from a latte drink.
  5. Don’t be afraid of protein and starchy veggies. As long as you’re eating mindfully, proteins and starchy vegetables help keep you full throughout the day with fewer calories than carbohydrates and high-fat foods. Protein (with healthy fats) that I love come from hummus, natural homemade nut butters (1/2/3), eggs, and fish. Starchy veggies I go for include spaghetti squash, zucchini, and sweet potatoes. These keep you running at high energy without burning you out, making you more active and burning more calories with fewer consumed. For example, yesterday for lunch I had an amazing homemade spicy bolognese “pasta” made from zucchini noodles with lean ground turkey, tomatoes, onions, and red pepper. It was not only SO filling and delicious, but I only finished half of it before I was so satisfied, then didn’t need a 3-4 pm pick me up. In fact, I was so focused and energized on work that I didn’t even look up from my desk until 7! (Other things I did that may have contributed to that high-energy calorie burning: took vitamin B-2 and D, had a morning smoothie, biked to work, drank tons of water, did acupuncture the night before)
  6. Sleep. Get your 7-9 hours. Science proved that, let’s just start doing it, shall we?
  7. Strength train. Muscle weights more than fat, yes. However, increasing muscle mass is the only way (other than changing your DNA) to speed up metabolism! Metabolism “boosting” pills? Lies. The only metabolism boosters are the biceps you’re going to get from weights.

It is also really important to note that these tips only work if you’re also eating real foods in moderation and exercising regularly! They are not a magic fix! :)

Other ramblings on weight loss: 1 // 2 // 3 //4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9


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